#VMworld 2018 – Day 2 – #Veeam in The #AWS Marketplace

#VMworld 2018 – Day 2 – #Veeam in The #AWS Marketplace

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That’s a wrap for day 2 of VMworld, there were two big bits worth mentioning from a Veeam perspective, firstly it is the VMware on AWS marketplace and the addition of Veeam Backup & Replication as an option for automated deployment.

This screen has been taken from beta testing.

To summarise what this means is, for the Veeam customers that have taken the steps to leverage VMware on AWS by giving those customers the same simple, easy to use and seamlessly easy to get thing protected from a backup and replication point of view, using the same toolset that we know from our on-premises vSphere environment.

Yesterday I spoke about automation and we also shared this information in our session about this feature also coming available, both this and the chef and terraform we spoke about yesterday are both types of automation but for possibly different end users and prospects.

The beauty of what we discussed of the CHEF deployment is it allows for us to be more distributed and dynamic, this offering is going to get things up and running as fast as possible and start protecting workloads. There will also be some customers that don’t want to explore the open source community of our CHEF cookbook.

It’s as simple as deploying to your SDDC and then choosing the CloudFormation template. The template will use the VPC that is linked to your VMware on AWS instance. The CloudFormation template will be executed on the VMware on AWS instance.

This template from CloudFormation will then run through the creation of the stack required.

When that CloudFormation template has been ran it’s then time to start the environment configuration, resource pools, network configuration etc.

Then is the summary screen to show you all the configuration you are about to commit.

This will then continue the deployment with your configuration and you will be able to see the Veeam server deployed within your SDDC.

When you first login to the newly created Veeam server you will see that the repository server has been added down to the stack configuration of the CloudFormation template. It has also added your vSphere vCenter server. You can now see the VMs within your SDDC and can begin protecting those instances.

The final thing I wanted to share was the capabilities, it’s not just backup, you also have the ability to replicate these virtual machines from this vSphere environment to any other environment including an on-premises environment, a Cloud Connect Service Provider offering replication as a service or to another vSphere environment anywhere.

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