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HELP!.. Error
connecting veeam 9.5 with esxi 5.5
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Hi, I’m new with
veeam backup and I have the following problem. When I try to connect Veeam
backup 9.5 with the V Center Esxi 5.5 server. I missed proxy error (407).
Error on the proxy server (407). Proxy authentication is required. How can I
solve it to connect with my ESXI. more
confused about
which ReFS version to use
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There are 2 Veeam
Knowledge Base articles about ReFS, that stats what version that is good to
use with ReFS.
This one i the latest from 2018-12-26:

This says that the good version is like this: more
V2V support   [VIEWS: 140 • REPLIES: 6]
V2V support Veeam v9.5 U4 ?
Hello all,
I would like to edit bakup copy job’s schedule via powershell.
I made a script as follows with reference to other forums. more
Backup to a
Mapped Drive?
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I have a NAS set up
as a mapped drive on windows 10. I cannot correctly configure my backup to a
shared folder on my NAS. What could I be doing wrong? Veeam continues to tell
me it Failed to get disk free space.

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