Is backup enough for a peace of mind?

Is backup enough for a peace of mind?

Veeam Executive Blog – The Availability Lounge  /  Dave Russell

Today, two former industry analysts (who are now Veeam execs) discuss the trends that are shaping the data protection industry and IT landscape:
Jason Buffington @JBuff, former Principal Analyst for Data Protection at ESG
Dave Russell @BackupDave, former VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, lead analyst for the Backup MQ
This week, we’re talking about why and how to do more with your backed-up data:

  • You should do more with your backed up data than restore it after bad things happen
  • An analysts’ view on Veeam DataLabs
  • How do you “unlock” more business value out of your data

Jason and Dave are now both VPs working on various aspects of Veeam’s strategy.  If either of them, or Veeam, can help you, please let us know.
We’ll see you back here next week – thanks for watching.

Navigate through the series:

  1. The data protection landscape
  2. Tape is (not) dead
  3. Using “the cloud” as part of your data protection strategy
  4. An appliance by any other name
  5. The good, the bad, and the regulatory compliant
  6. Is backup enough for a peace of mind?
  7. The future of data protection is data management

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