Webinar: vCloud Director and Veeam use cases – June 6

Webinar: vCloud Director and Veeam use cases
If you’re a Veeam® Cloud & Service Provider
(VCSP) partner and a VMware cloud provider partner, you’re familiar with the
excellence of vCloud Director and Veeam. Veeam has been a leader in the
industry, with features supporting vCloud Director since v7.
Join a webinar, where we will discuss the three main use
cases observed in the field combining Veeam with vCloud Director. We will
also have a live demonstration for each use case. Topics covered include:
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) backups of vCloud
Director VMs and vApps with Veeam Backup & Replication™
vCloud Director tenant self-service backups of their VMs and
vApps via Veeam enterprise manager
VM replication via Veeam Cloud Connect Replication into
vCloud Director
And more!

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