Free Veeam Software for technology alliance partners

Free Veeam Software for technology alliance partners

Veeam Executive Blog – The Availability Lounge  /  Ken Ringdahl

Here at Veeam, we view our alliance partners as family. Veeam is a 100% software-defined data protection company, and we depend on our alliance partners to make it easy for our customers to purchase and integrate Veeam Software for their existing IT environment. We build solutions together so that our customers can obtain greater value and confidence from combined and integrated solutions.  As another way of showing our appreciation to our valued family members, we would like to give you a gift. Today, we are launching a new program that enables our key partners to obtain a fully functional version of Veeam Software for free. Yes, FREE! Use this software in your home or office lab to run demos, check out new functionality and of course provide backup and recovery for ALL workloads — virtual, physical and cloud.
Providing not for retail (NFR) licenses to our alliance partners isn’t new. Veeam has been doing this for a long time now, but now we’ve made it simple to get free software by just by using the web. We’ve set up dedicated web pages per partner that only require your name and company email address. With that basic information, we’ll send you an email with a license key, product download link and supporting material to guide you through the install. It’s all that simple. This is a free offer that is available to ALL employees for our top Technology Alliance Partners.
When you register via this new program, you are not getting a trial 30-day limited functionality product.  You are getting the fully licensed version of Veeam Software. Again, it is NFR use for up to 20 instances via our revolutionary Veeam Instance-based Licensing and valid for 12 months. If you need more than 20 instances, we can still help you the old-fashioned way, just reach out to your alliance account team at Veeam.
If you’ve ever been to VeeamON, our annual user conference, or one of the many partner events that we sponsor, you know that we like to advertise, and we do it well. We not only paint the venue in Veeam green, but we often paint the host city and airport in Veeam green as well. We’d like to do the same with our alliance partner ecosystem. We have strong alliance partnerships, and this will only further strengthen those partnerships and raise the bar in terms of Veeam knowledge and expertise.  It’s a true win-win for Veeam and for our partners.
So how do you take advantage of the free Veeam Software offer? It’s simple: here are the links to the dedicated free Veeam Software Partner web pages in alphabetical order: CiscoDell EMCExaGridHPEIBMLenovoMicrosoftNetAppNutanixPure StorageQuantum and VMware. Select your company hyperlink, add your name and company email address and get your free Veeam Software!
We’re excited to be making this offer to our technology alliance partners and are looking forward to continued success together. If you’re a Veeam alliance partner not yet included in this program, don’t fret.  We can still provide NFR licenses via your alliance account team and we’ll be expanding this program in the future based on demand.

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